Monday, January 31, 2011

Here Goes Nothing!

Ahhhh! My first post! I’m not going to lie, its a little nerve wracking! Then I remember I am basically talking to myself right now so I have no reason to be nervous! HA! I guess that is the plus of a brand new blog that no one reads! :)

Last week the name for this blog just came to me. I loved it. And as I LOVE browsing craft blogs all day long when I should be working when I have a few minutes free time, I decided to jump in and make my own! So I got up Friday morning and created this blog. And then did nothing with it. I had no idea where to start or what to post about. I thought about it all weekend. And finally realized I should just start with an introduction. DUH right? So here goes, a little about me!

I am Kelly. The mom of 2 adorable little girls. My oldest Samantha will be three (THREE??!! How do I have a three year old already??? Ahh!) in March and my younger daughter Sadie was born in August of last year. I absolutely love having 2 girls. I cannot wait to see them grow up together. I am one of 3 girls, so I know how fun it is to have sisters! (And my older sister has 2 little girls as well. My poor dad. Three daughters and so far 4 granddaughters...)

I married my husband in May of 2006 so this year we will be celebrating FIVE years of marriage! YAY us!

I do work full time, so my evenings are filled with errands and taking care of the kidlets, but I love to craft and always try to sneak something in. Now that Sam is getting older, I am having a ball crafting with her. And so far she is like her mommy and gets so excited when we do a new craft together!

I really have no idea how actually run a blog. I have a personal family blog, but I just post there. I have never actually hyper-linked anything, shared the link to my blog anywhere.... so this is going to be a learning process. Take for instance the title on this blog. I have gone and changed the font a hundred times and it just wont reflect on the blog. In the preview screen it is exactly how I want it, but for some reason I can't get it to show up correctly on the main page! I would love to say this blog will have everything from Sewing to Recipes... but since I can't sew and don't really enjoy cooking, it won't have those! (I do have a sewing machine, but I have no idea how to actually work it. I have been saying for the past few months recently that I am going to drag it into the house and figure it out, but that just hasn't happened yet! I swear, I will get to it though!) I tend to start five things at once. The glue gun is a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter. Sometimes laundry takes the back burner to whatever I am working on. I love to throw parties. I cannot just 'sit'. I am always doing something. This blog is where I will display all those 'something’s' for whoever wants to see!

My sweet little family :)



  1. A wonderful first post! I'm hopping over from Sassy Sites and I'm happy to be a new follower of your lovely blog. hugs Katherine

  2. I, also, came from Sassy Sites and am a newbie blogger, too. I think it's great she did this for all of us to find friends! I'm your newest follower. Come by sometime if you like

  3. What a darling family and I love your blog! Welcome to the blog world:) Saw you on Sassy Sites. Stop by when you get the chance:

  4. Ok, I officially feel like a stalker since I looked through your ENTIRE blog! I just couldn't stop! I love all the fun crafts you've posted, and I'm totally inspired to do quite a few of them! Thanks for sharing!! -Juli


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