Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chocolate Cups- FAIL

So as I was browsing Bakerella one day, I saw these.


Chocolate Cups. 

I fell in love. I wanted them. NOW. 

I mean, how cute and simple. You melt some chocolate, blow up some balloons and the dip the balloon in chocolate. 



I don't know what I did wrong but HOLY COW this did NOT work out for me!

Dipped one balloon and POP. 

You do not want to know what happens when a balloon covered in melted chocolate pops. I should have taken a picture.  Lets just say, I had to change my clothes, wash my face and my hair and scrub my entire kitchen- ceiling included.

OK- chocolate must have been too hot. Let's try again.

Let the chocolate cool some and dipped the next balloon.

Nothing! Woot! I am going to have chocolate bowls!


5 seconds after I placed it on the wax paper POP. 

OK now I am pissed. This should be an easy project.

Try again.

NO pop!

And again, NO pop!

FINALLY getting the hang of it!

Dip- POP!

Dip- POP

I can honestly say that it is a good thing my girls were napping because quite a few curse words came out of my mouth at this point.

And I gave up.

Forget it. No more chocolate bowls, this is insane and my kitchen now looks like a chocolate person was murdered in it. Chocolate was EVERYWHERE. And I am still finding chocolate splatter in places I swore I cleaned already.

Since I had chocolate melted already, I quickly slapped some peanut butter on some Ritz crackers and dipped those.

{See the splatter- multiply that by 1000 and that is what my kitchen looked like}

But, at least I had 2 chocolate bowls. Sam would be happy, right?


This is what happened when I tried to pop the balloons...

My bowls imploded and broke.

I can honestly say I will NEVER try making these again. NE-VER.



  1. Sooo funny!...Not for you of course! Did seem like a great concept, too bad it didn't work out. I hope your chocolate covered peanut butter crackers turned out good though!

    (found you on HoH)

  2. Haha, I tried making them for Easter and not a single one worked for me either. (Although I'm not as patient, I gave up after two popped balloons. ;) )

    On the bright side, aren't those peanut butter Ritz with chocolate things awesome?

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  3. Oh my gosh! That is hilarious! I guarantee that the same thing would happen to me if I tried that! :) I found your blog on KdBuggie and I am your newest follower! I would love to have you stop by and follow us back if you want to!
    Camille @

  4. I pinned this idea on Pinterest, and my friend left me a comment telling me that she tried it and ended in disaster! When I read your post it made me laugh. I'm not so sure I want to try it now...Thanks for sharing your fail with us. :)

  5. Don't you hate it when you want to make something and it never works?! Drives me crazy! But...thank you for sparing me the pain of trying it myself. :)


  6. So sorry they didn't turn out. BUT good for you for continuing to try. I would have given up long before you did!

  7. Wow, that sounds like such a disaster. I've never even heard of anyone doing this before. If I want chocolate cups I think i'll make some waffle cone bowls first and coat those instead!

  8. Oh man. That stinks!! Maybe if you bought like a really small bowl or something cheap and used the bottom of that instead. Oh wait...then you couldn't get them off after. Well I just don't know how you do it then.

  9. I am Sooooo happy you posted this story. It's my favorite fail story. Lol

    SA love Kelly. ;)

  10. Chocolate covered crackers sound even better :)

  11. Hahahaha, I've seen those around, but I never have been brave enough to try it...and now I may never be. :)

  12. Oh my! I can't help but laugh. It seems like such a simple idea too.

    (found you through kojodesigns... and now will be following, despite your chocolate murder) ;)

  13. RIP Chocolate person! I couldn't help but smile a bit at your post. I'm sure it was all a vicious plot! Thanks for sharing because we have ALL been there! :)

  14. I've tried and failed on these as well! They still tasted great, but were NOT bowls! Thanks for sharing your fail!


  15. hahaha! sorry to laugh at your chocolate bowl fail :) the PB&C ritz sound great tho!

  16. Yummy, That looks very good. I have to try it out. I am your new follower from Food Friday Blog Hop. You can visit me at

  17. Glad to see I'm not the only one who tries these great ideas and can't get them to turn out. This time I'm going to learn from your experience - no murdered chocolate person in my kitchen. I think the Ritz & peanut butter sounds better any way. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh...I can only guess how frustrated you probably were...but you totally made me laugh! Thanks for the chuckle!!! Love the idea of chocolate people being murdered...LOL

  19. The secret to making the chocolate dipped balloon is not to pop them. You must pull the tie on the balloon and hold below it, then poke a hole in the rubber and SLOWLY let the air out otherwise there is an explosion, then you should be able to pull the deflated balloon out no problem. You also want to rub the bottom of the balloon before dipping so there is none of that powder on them and make sure your chocolate is properly tempered. I teach my culinary students how to make them so I know they can work. Good luck, I hope you try them again.


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