Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Fabulous Finds #12

Happy Friday!!!

Seems like the past couple weeks my Five Fabulous Finds post has been all hopefully it posts today with no problems!

First of all, I have ALWAYS wanted a front porch just so I could put a swing on it!  But here in Southern California, front porches aren't the norm.... so um yeah, I don't have one. But IF I did- I would SO be doing this!  Angie at The Cellar Door Stories transformed her boring old porch swing into this beauty! LOVE it!

And while you are sitting on that super cute swing, you probably want to be eating these amazing looking Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars that Ali at Jam Hands made! OMG I just gained 5 pounds looking at these... and yes, I will be making them. YUM!

Cami at Tidbits of My Crafty Side is a contestant on One Month To Win it and holy cuteness! How great is this Princess Fort?!?! I have one little 3 year old who would LOVE this!

Ok, so I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday next month, and if I get it I am SO making this!!! OMG how freakin cute is this Tutu Tote that Aubrey at The Crafty Chicka made?!?! LOVE.IT!


I am drooling on my keyboard right now, seriously. Amanda at Kuzak's Closet made this amazing looking Slim Tex-Mex Taco Dip! YUM!  And since it used low fat and reduced fat ingrediants... that means it is good for me, right? ;)

Hope you enjoyed my Five Fabulous Finds for this week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers :D I hope you enjoy the pecan pie bars. Great features all around. That princess fort is so cute.

  2. Yes, the slim tex-mex taco dip is good for you. It looked so good when I pulled it out of the oven that I forgot to garnish it with the optional scallions, tomatoes, and spinach. I just dug right in! Thanks for featuring my dip, you are the best!

  3. Hey Kelly I have had your button on my blog for a while now. It is at the bottom with the rest. On my header you will notice I tell people to check out my buttons to see where I party. If you want to return the favor and grab my button I would be thrilled. If you want your button on the very top of my blog you can sponsor a give away or if you post my button on your top side bar or top like mine then I can post and leave yours up there too as long as you like. Thanks for your comment and for having such a fun site.

  4. Great features! I'm definitely going to go check out that tutu tote! That would be a great gift bag for a little girl! Thanks for your comment on my freezer meals too- it really isn't that hard at all!

  5. Thank you thank you! I'm glad you liked it! What a fun blog you have!

  6. Hopped over to follow you! Follow me too?

  7. I love crafty blogs and I'm looking forward to reading yours. New follower from the hop.

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  9. thanks SO much for featuring my porch swing ~ how sweet of you!!
    i'm adding your button to my "featured" page ~ thanks again!!

  10. I do like that porch swing. Very nice. I even Pinterested it ;)

    Happy weekend and thanks for sharing,

    LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

  11. HI! I love all your crafty stuff you do!! :) I am definitely going to have to follow you! Here is my blog if you would like to follow me. I just started blogging, but I can't wait to share some of my recipe ideas..


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