Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet Sewkie

I figured it was high time to name my new BFF since I have been spending so much time with her lately.

Blog friends, meet Sewkie

*giggle* please tell me someone is a True Blood fan! I obviously am :)

Anyways, Sewkie and I are really having fun getting to know each other!

I also decided to make the party favors for Sadie's birthday party... in 3 weeks. I decided to make tote bags in the cutest owl corduroy fabric! {which you can kind of see in the background on the table} Only problem is I need 20 of them! So... that is why Sewkie and I have been spending so much time together- they are taking me a long time!  The hubster thinks I am crazy for deciding to make them, but I always seem to take on more than I can chew! Its how I roll! :)

I wish I would have joined the sewing band wagon a long time ago! I am having so much fun!!!

And don't foget to enter the giveaway for free party printables HERE!

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  1. haa haa....now you have me saying Sookie...in Bill's deep voice! lol~ I love your sewing machine...a little jealous...I want one! :) Come check out my blog sometime~
    Lisa @ organizedchaos-lisa.blogspot.com


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