Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not much of a Valentine's day mushy-mushy type person. I like to decorate and get little things for the girls and all that- but I just don't do the whole big gift thing. I don't know, just never got into it that much. We went out to lunch this weekend, baked some cookies and just hung out as a family. It was fun and I was satisfied that we had a great V-day weekend (since work and all that gets in the way today, we celebrated early.

So this morning as I am sitting at work my hubby calls. He says to go downstairs. Um.... ok. I go down and he is waiting for me with a dozen red roses! :) Usually I am not much of a flower person (I think they are a waste of money) but I was pleasantly surprised this morning! And now I am sitting at my desk smelling gorgeous flowers. I am one lucky girl :)

Hope everyone has a great LOVE day!!!



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