Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Swap With Amy From Nap Time Crafters

Hey everyone! I am doing a blog swap with Amy from Nap Time Crafters today! I am so excited to be posting on her blog and I am in shock that she is posting on mine! So exciting!!!  So... here she is!

I'm Amy and this is Little Miss- the inspiration behind Nap Time Crafters! We love to create fun things together- she naps and I go crazy with fabric, paper, glue, you name it!

You'll find lots of fun tutorials on my blog, the American Crafter competition, a giveaway every Saturday, & the Get Fit Challenge! I love new friends, so stop by and say hello:)

These are some of my fav tutorials right now:

During those rare moments when I have some extra time I run Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop where you can find lots of goodies for your little ones. I'm even having a fun Spring Sale right now:)

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Thanks Kelly!

No, thank YOU Amy!!! Such an honor to have you posting on my blog! 

Make sure to head on over to Nap Time Crafters today and check out my post! And if you are not a follower of her blog already, what are you waiting for?! She is amazing! So go! Head over there and make sure to follow her! You will be happy you did!


  1. I am your new follower, your blog is super cute! please visit me
    Vanessa´s Creativity

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