Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EASY Stuffed Peppers

If you read this blog you know cooking just isn't my 'thing' {and if you read last week, you know chocolate cups are not either}

BUT- I need to seriously start meal planning and making grocery lists. I absolutely suck at grocery shopping. SUCK.

I usually go to the store at least 3 times a week and spend close to $50 {if not more} each time.

On what? Who the heck knows. Seriously. I have no idea how I can possibly spend that much each trip and still have NOTHING to make for dinner.

So I am starting small. I am trying to find a couple recipes a week to make.

Last week I made Turkey Stuffed Peppers from a recipe I found on Skinnytaste.com {Have you been to that site?!?! So many yummy recipes!}

Now just to prove how much I suck at cooking I will admit to another cooking FAIL. {I don't know why I admit to how lame I am in the kitchen, I am not doing myself any favors! LOL}

The night before I write down all the ingredients and go to the store. I am pretty proud of myself for actually planning a real meal.

The next night I start cooking. Get everything out, chopped, ready to go when

Oh crap

I didn't look at PAGE 2 of the recipe and I am missing 3 main ingredients. *slaps head* THIS is why I don't cook!!!

After a quick call to my mom asking if she thinks the dish would be OK without the missing ingredients- Rice, Tomato Sauce and cheese- and her basically telling me I am nuts, I knew I had to go back to the store.

This is not a quick thing. I have both kids since hubby works late. 30 minutes later we are  back home and I am cooking again.

It was all worth it. I was SO happy with how these turned out {and no, they would not have worked without those 3 ingredients. lol}

I highly recommend this dish to everyone! Just remember to get ALL the ingredients before you start to cook! :)


  1. Those look delish! I'll have to check out that website :) TFS!


  2. They look like they turned out great.

  3. Hi! Sorry this is anonymous..can't get logged in today! I made a binder of recipe printouts from friends/family and online, old favs, etc. I refer to it when making my shopping list. When I shop (once a week), I write a shopping list and on back of list I write the meals I'm shopping for (usually 6 or so dinners). Then I put it on fridge when back home, and cross out meals we've eaten. I don't assign a meal to a day when making the list, just figure it out each day. I usually buy at least one frozen or really easy meal each week for those crazy busy days. Good luck!

    One of my favorite food blogs is: http://fullbellies.blogspot.com/ You can search her old posts. I also like Kraft recipes from their website.


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