Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diaper Cake

I know, I know. EVERYONE knows what a diaper cake is and how to make one.

That's cool.

I'm just here to show you one I made :)

These were taken Pre-Blog, so they are not the best quality-  but I still loved how this cake came out, so I am sharing anyways! {notice my Dollar Store bag in the back. lol. Oops!}

I attached Paci's and rattles and various baby toys to each tier. And all the flowers are roses made from baby socks!

{that is cat food on the floor, not bugs. Just thought I should clarify!}

Sometimes a simple diaper cake is the perfect centerpiece for a shower.

I also like to put a bottle of Champagne in the center and bring one to the new mom at home :)

You can make these elaborate or simple, but I think they are always gorgeous.

If I am not in the mood to make a whole diaper cake, a Diaper Wreath is just as cute {and actually more unique!}

That is all. Nothing show stopping on diaper cakes, just wanted to share one of mine! :)

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