Thursday, February 17, 2011

Korker Bows

Before I had my first daughter, I was never a big fan of bows on babies. Not sure why, I just thought they were kind of silly.

Then I had my daughter and promptly became obsessed with bows!

And since I don’t like paying for things I can make myself, I googled like crazy and learned how to make them! Which led to a slight obsession  love for ribbon. SEE

(and that’s not all of it! I have more out in the garage!)

One of my favorite styles of bows to make are Korker Bows. These just scream FUN to me. Not sure why, but I love them!

So easy to make (which I am sure everyone knows), and so many color options!

I like to sew mine together. I think it it more sturdy that way.  Especially when you have little hands that like to reach up and rip the bow off! :)

As luck would have it, I have an adorable little model who was happy to get her picture taken to show how cute these are on! :)

One more because she is just so dang cute!

I am loving that Sadie doesn’t fight me on the bows, Sam won’t let me put them in her hair anymore :(



  1. I think there is a prize waiting for you at Saturday Mornings!

  2. Just email me when you get a chance!

  3. This is to to funny. You sound exactly like me. I started to make bows for the same reason. Looking into your bow drawer resembles so many of the same ribbon.

    Good taste...I must say:)

  4. So cute! But I have to admit that I don't know how to make them! How did you do it? - Kelsey Bonewell


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