Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travel Shoe Bags

My little sister is going to Europe next week (LUCKY!) and she had asked if I could make her some travel shoe bags.

Being the super awesome sister that I am- I said yes. I asked her how many she wanted, she replied, "Six". 

Uh- What?!?! SIX?! Did she forget that I am in the midst of party planning right now and that the party is THIS weekend? 

But, seeing as I am so nice, I got them all made for her!

I found this tutorial here and used it for the general idea of how to make one.

The main thing I did differently was the top. Instead of having it open on only one side of the bag, I had mine open on both ends.

Then I just threaded some ribbon through!

I tied a bow on one side and double knotted it so that side will stay like that. The other side is the side she can un-tie and then cinch back up to put the shoes in.

So now she is all set to tour Europe for 2 weeks! I am so jealous!!!

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  1. those are so cool. Thanks for sharing I have a bunch of shoes that I would like in a bag and these seem simple enough for me to do.


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