Monday, September 12, 2011

Help Me Out Crafty Friends!

OK, so I have a dilemma and I am hoping you might be able to help me out!

I was browsing Pinterest and I came across this picture


Now,  those are the cutest little garden gnomes I have ever seen.

SO cute that I HAVE to make this for my little one for Halloween.

My problem.... I need a pattern!


Anyone have a tutorial for a similar skirt I could use to make this?

What about the hat? Any ideas?

My little girl is one, but she is a peanut.  I need something size 6 months or so.  She is wearing size 3-6 months, but can fit into some 6-9 month stuff. 

I am not necessarily looking for this exact skirt, but just something similar!
Any help you could give me I would be so grateful!!!


  1. What a cute pic. Have you tried looking at any pattern books?

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Have you tried Simple Simon or Make It/Love It?


  3. How about the Market Skirt from Dana @ Made?

  4. Cute! Here are instructions on how to make a gnome hat. Good luck!

    mother crafter - handmade happiness

  5. Okay, I'm the type of person who wings things without patterns, so those really don't look hard to me. Do you have a current skirt for your girl that fits? Just trace around it adding 1/4" on each side for seam allowance, sew the two pieces together (or make one long piece and gather at the top) make a casing at the top and slip the elastic through. You would just embellish it before you sew it together.

    The hats just look like two pieces of felt sewn together down the middle, so if you had a large piece of paper or scrap fabric you could draw one out and use that as the pattern.

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  7. This is picture is taken by our photographer from Colorado. I'm sure you weren't aware of who's pic it was since it's circulating on pinterest but you should put a link to her website if you're going to use her photo.


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